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The Blue Laboratory by L T Meade (Audiobook)
    The Black Vampyre by Uriah Derick D'Arcy (Audiobook)
      The Stones of the Village by Alice Dunbar Nelson (Audiobook)
        The Difference by Ellen Glasgow (Audiobook)
          Nikolai Gogol - Old Fashioned Landowners (Audiobook)
            Nathaniel Hawthorne - The Artist and the Beautiful (Audiobook)
              F Scott Fitzgerald - Winter Dreams (Audiobook)
                F Scott Fitzgerald - The Ice Palace (Audiobook)
                  Nikolai Gogol - The Nose (Audiobook)
                    Fyodor Dostoyevsky - The Crocodile (Audiobook)
                      South of the Slot by Jack London (Audiobook)
                        The Criminal From Lost Honour by Frederick Schiller (Audiobook)