Second Thoughts by Arthur Moore (Audiobook)
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Read by David Shaw-Parker (Unabridged: 49mins)

In this age of instant access to information it would be thought that anyone’s past could be revealed.  Alas for the Victorian author Arthur Moore, details are almost non-existent.  

Born on 14th January 1866 the only details that can be confirmed are that he wrote the short story ‘Second Thoughts’ and co-authored two works with Ernest Dowson.  From there we only have the year of his death – 1934.

However, his life aside ‘Second Thoughts’ is one of those short works, published in Volume 3 of the infamous Yellow Book in the late 1890’s, that have given a certainty of his existence and merits attention based on the quality of this writing & invention.

The story unfolds around a man returning home to England after almost twenty years away and finds things have changed that leave him both unsettled and unsure of how to move forward.  Seeing, by chance, an old friend reawakens his curiosity …. and hopes.