The Coach by Violet Hunt (Audiobook)
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Read by Richard Mitchley (Unabridged: 48mins)

Isobel Violet Hunt was born on 28th September 1862 in Durham. As a young child her family moved to London and Hunt was brought up amongst the Pre-Raphaelite circle of artists. 

As a writer she was comfortable and talented enough to write across several forms including short stories, novels, memoir, and biography. Her novels are excellent examples of New Woman fiction and help illustrate her activities fighting for and promoting better rights for women.

Although she remained unmarried she had lovers as notable as Somerset Maugham, H G Wells and Ford Maddox Ford, the latter whom she lived with for a number of years.

Her collections of supernatural short stories contain much of her best work and despite her considerable talents and literary output her reputation rests both on the literary salons she held at her home in Campden Hill, where the very best of literary society attended, and for her founding of the Women Writers' Suffrage League in 1908 and her participation in the founding of International PEN in 1921.

Violet Hunt died of pneumonia at her home in Campden Hill on 16th January 1942. She was 79 and is buried at Brookwood Cemetery.

Her short story ‘The Coach’ is an excellent example of her black comedy writing.  This cramped setting turns into a macabre tour de force delivering literary punch and emotional heft. 

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